Graduation Season

As many of us, with high school or college students know, graduation season is upon us. That time of year where high school students (and sometimes even college seniors) go through their “Senioritis” phase in life. UGG Bottes That time of pushing through your final exams, SAT’s and or ACT’s and planning your graduation party and partying all night long.

As a parent of a, now, 1 year high school graduate I know it is a bitter sweet moment. It is a moment of both joy and grief. deadpool phone case iphone 7 chaussures timberland pas cher You’re excited that your child is finishing high school and on the stepping stone of being an adult. goedkoop nike air max 2017 But, at the same time, it is oh so hard to let them go. iphone 6 invisible case bottes ugg pas cher adidas femme pas cher You know that that is your job. bottes ugg You have guided them through life, you have taught them how to be a good and, hopefully, productive person with enough knowledge and self respect to be able to make the right choices and decisions and now it is time to let them go and explore the world on their own.

But oh how difficult it is.

After the month of graduation parties and spending unreasonable amounts of money on both your own celebration and gifts for others, you have to go on that dreaded shopping spree and spend more cash to decorate and supply a new home for your college bound kid. silver glitter iphone 7 case nike air max bw timberland chaussure Not to mention the, in my opinion, outrageous college tuition.

But none of this is a surprise. Your child has probably been breaking away from you since the start of senior, or even junior year. As soon as they have that car they come and go as they please, creating a life separate from yours. karen millen iphone 8 plus case adidas homme All of this is how it SHOULD be, we have our kids for a little while and then they move on and we have to let them.

As for those parents that have college graduates, congratulations you either are going to have a child move back home or you are going to have an adult entering the workforce and living on their own.