Fun at the Superhero Factory

All the employees here at the SuperflyKids Superhero Factory like to have fun, while working hard to provide kids of all ages with awesome capes. Thinking about April Fools day brought back some great memories of pranks and jokes we have pulled in the past, just to make every day a little more fun and interesting.

For example, we have some people working here that are very easily scared. iphone 8 case sparkly chaussure adidas One of our missions is to try to find many, many ways to make exactly that happen, scare them! We have a caped “pet” stuffed squirrel that likes to show up in the weirdest places to try to make you jump out of your skin. For example, the squirrel will jump at you when you are unrolling fabric, it hides in bathrooms, snuggles in desk drawers and between spools of thread. iphone 7 plus case pink glitter Just waiting for you to stick your hand in there. Many screams, yelps and exclamations of fear have been heard over the years at the sight of our EXTREMELY terrifying squirrel.


IMG_6322 IMG_6323


Another fun activity we have done in the past was based on the song “Dumb ways to die”. 90s iphone 7 case adidas yeezy boost This is from quite a few years back. adidas ultra boost We have a candle in the form of a gnome, which has encountered many dumb ways to die around our facility. Or, if you will, it has been rescued by a Superhero from sure death many times. case michael kors iphone 8 ugg pas cher If you need some inspiration, see some of the images below. Some might think we have a dark sense of humor but it has kept us entertained for quite a while and we have gotten some great laughs out of it while bonding together over a common cause.

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Graduation Season

As many of us, with high school or college students know, graduation season is upon us. That time of year where high school students (and sometimes even college seniors) go through their “Senioritis” phase in life. UGG Bottes That time of pushing through your final exams, SAT’s and or ACT’s and planning your graduation party and partying all night long.

As a parent of a, now, 1 year high school graduate I know it is a bitter sweet moment. It is a moment of both joy and grief. deadpool phone case iphone 7 chaussures timberland pas cher You’re excited that your child is finishing high school and on the stepping stone of being an adult. goedkoop nike air max 2017 But, at the same time, it is oh so hard to let them go. iphone 6 invisible case bottes ugg pas cher adidas femme pas cher You know that that is your job. bottes ugg You have guided them through life, you have taught them how to be a good and, hopefully, productive person with enough knowledge and self respect to be able to make the right choices and decisions and now it is time to let them go and explore the world on their own.

But oh how difficult it is.

After the month of graduation parties and spending unreasonable amounts of money on both your own celebration and gifts for others, you have to go on that dreaded shopping spree and spend more cash to decorate and supply a new home for your college bound kid. silver glitter iphone 7 case nike air max bw timberland chaussure Not to mention the, in my opinion, outrageous college tuition.

But none of this is a surprise. Your child has probably been breaking away from you since the start of senior, or even junior year. As soon as they have that car they come and go as they please, creating a life separate from yours. karen millen iphone 8 plus case adidas homme All of this is how it SHOULD be, we have our kids for a little while and then they move on and we have to let them.

As for those parents that have college graduates, congratulations you either are going to have a child move back home or you are going to have an adult entering the workforce and living on their own.

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Number One Customer Question

At the Superhero Factory we receive lots of phone calls and email questions. iphone 6 plus cases for girls glitter asics nimbus timberland soldes Anything from, “When will my package arrive?’ , “Do you have this particular color cape?” to “Do you provide bulk discount?”

Some of you might be wondering: What is the number one question SuperflyKids is asked?

Let me tell you the answer!

The question we are asked the most is: “Can I put 2 or more initials on the cape?”

And the answer is YES you can.

Since all our capes are hand cut and handmade, we are able to create initials to make them fit into practically any emblem. banksy phone case iphone 8 ugg boots pas cher chaussure timberland pas cher Below are some pictures of some of capes we have made with multiple initials.

dad_cape1 Shield with 4 letters

Bolt with 2 letters CureSearch CS back lime

Unfortunately, at this time, technology doesn’t allow us to make this a feature on our website, therefore to order a cape with multiple initials you would have to call us at 313 454 1492 or email iphone 7 plus case peony air jordan 11 goedkoop air max 2017 And of course, since this is a unique custom cape and extra initials are hand cut, there will be an additional fee of $5 per letter.

As mentioned before, we have the ability to basically create anything and put it on a cape. iphone 6 jordan case ugg 2017 nike free run Sheena, our production manager, is extremely creative and an excellent artist and she has made some pretty fantastic designs for our customers.

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Introducing our Cause Cape Program

Here at SuperflyKids we pride ourselves on giving back to the community, it is actually at the forefront of our company’s mantra.

We have always given special pricing to non-profit organizations and charities and donated hundreds of capes and other items, but now we have developed a program that is even better.

Introducing our Cause Capes!

For this new program we have partnered (so far) with 3 very worthy charity organizations who work tirelessly to help children in need or to find cures for children’s diseases.

Our partners are, CureSearch, CASA of Lexington and CHD families. ultra thin iphone 7 plus case nike air presto soldes asics gel lyte v CureSearch is a national non-profit foundation whose mission is to end childhood cancer by driving targeted and innovative research with measurable results in an accelerated time frame.

CuresearchCureSearch CS back lime

Casa is a non-profit organization that, through the power of volunteer advocacy, works to ensure that all victims of child abuse and neglect are given a chance to thrive in a safe, permanent home. iphone 8 case uk timberland 6-inch premium nike air tn CASA’s trained and supervised volunteers provide an independent voice for children, one child at a time, by speaking for their best interests in the family court system.

casa pink cape

CHD families (Congenital Heart Defects) Families Association is a not-for-profit dedicated to providing support to heart families throughout Kansas and Missouri. velvet iphone 7 case louboutin homme nike air presto They also support Children’s Mercy Hospital by donating money for research.



The Cause Cape program offers custom capes, customizable by selecting colors, emblems and initials, printed with the organizations logo. iphone 6 case graffiti chaussures timberland soldes louboutin soldes Each cape is $25 including shipping, and for every cape purchased we give $5 back to that particular cause.

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Screen Print Season has arrived

Our silk screen, heat press season is here.

Around this time of the year we start getting ready for orders with custom printed logos. iphone 6 plus stand case basket air jordan soldes chaussure adidas femme Many companies and people are planning and organizing their fundraise events, fun runs or company events and love to have capes with their logo on them.

Of course The Superhero Factory is the place to go!

We have so many options to choose from, 2 different styles of capes, 3 different cape sizes, 18 different cape colors, heat press or silk screen, we have it all. iphone 8 plus white case adidas superstar 2 soldes With quick turn around times too!!

We started making these capes a few years ago in 2012 and it is now a major part of our business, with, we are pleased to say, many return and new customers. halo iphone 6 case christian louboutin The process is, usually, very simple. adidas superstar pas cher Soldes 2017 Asics The client emails the logo they would like printed on the capes. iphone 6 light up selfie case asics gel kinsei air jordan 31 We send it to the printer (we can even adjust the graphics if need be) and they either get printed by the printer, when silk screening or we print them in house, if heat pressed. Look at some of these samples!

Heat press adult M Julie Heat press girls on the run red with silver Rocket math heat press


As you can see there are many options when it comes to printing, anything from a simple 1 color to a multitude of colors. Basically anything is possible.

We have enjoyed working with many different companies and charity organizations like; The American Heart Association, Seattle Department of Transportation, FedEx, The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, The Doseum in Texas, Samsung, marketing companies and many others.

Prices depend on many factors, such as quantity, size, number of colors in the print and due date. iphone 7 magnet case nike air max tn Standard production time is about 3 weeks, unless the order is for tens of thousands of capes of course.

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