Summer Bored-itis?



Now that summer is finally here, there is an ever-dreaded phrase that our kids will utter at least 30 times before school starts in the fall… “I’m Bored!”


Even the best of us at The Super Hero Factory have succumbed to letting our kids watch a bit too much TV, allowing hours to be spent plugging into computers, playing video games, and ignoring the world. However, there are so many opportunities to grow and enrich our lives!


We Say, “Couch Taters No More!”

Here are a few ideas that we’ve come up with to help stave off and cure the summer time “I’m Bored-itis”

Set Fitness Goals as a Family – Who doesn’t love a little competition? How many times can you hula hoop? Can you beat me at doing the most push ups? Try to make getting outside and active fun and exciting. iphone 6 case glitter liquid rose gold nike air max 90 femme Bike rides, swimming; even just an impromptu water fight in the backyard with the hose can create memories and promote physical activity.

Volunteer – Pick a charity to team up with and promote their mission. bottes ugg australia pas cher chaussures nike air max Whether it is helping to feed the homeless or picking up trash at a public park, getting involved in your community is a win-win.

Brainstorm Together – Get conversations flowing with possibilities of what your kids may want to do this summer.

Encourage Play dates – Play dates provide ways for kids to build social skills but also for you to touch base with other parents as well. You can suggest games for play dates. 2018 nike air max Such as a candy hunt, a scavenger hunt, race car races or playing Sardines (which is the reverse of Hide and Seek).

Arts & Crafts – Creating physical things with our hands make our brains burst and light up with imagination. Summers spent at my grandma’s were amazing. timberland discount We collected rocks during our walks after lunch. nike soldes running We would paint them all different colors. hardback iphone 8 plus case Some ended up looking like animals and some just a painted mess. Christian Louboutin Pas Cher However, very memorable fun!


No matter what you happen to choose for activities this summer, the objective is to put the electronics down, get conversations flowing and let imagination take over. iphone 7 plus phone cases cat ugg classic Keep it Fun. iphone 7 case glitter rose gold ugg femme france Keep it Simple.

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Goodbye Friend

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 1.00.21 PM


Tomorrow we say good bye to a good friend and co-worker but it is not forever. Our Bestie Kelly Kinney is being lead on a new and exciting path. Kelly has worked with Superflykids for 5 years.

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I’m In, are you?

Custom Superhero Capes in Action!
Custom Superhero Capes in Action!

Superfly Kids has recently partnered with I’m In to give customers yet another way to save on our awesome products! Everybody loves a coupon,

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Heart Hero

Wow! How amazed are we by the incredible outpouring of support the Heart Heroes have received? After it was aired in early July on NBC Nightly News, linkin park iphone 7 case nike air max tn soldes timberland pas cher the Heart Heroes organization has received a huge spike in traffic – and donations! We’re so thankful to everyone who did that. glitter iphone 8 plus phone case ugg chaussons Soldes 2017 Asics They aired an update tonight and once again- thank you everyone for the activity!

Thanks to everyone who has made it possible for even more superhero capes to go out to all these little heroes,

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